Ravi Goyal


Shiv Mehrotra


Shiv Mehrotra is a graduate of Campus Law Centre, Faculty of Law, University of Delhi. He primarily assists clients with intellectual property enforcement and protection of their brand reputation. In addition to this, Shiv regularly advises clients including Fortune 500 companies on areas related to compliance under Information Technology Act, 2000.

Rodney D. Ryder


Arijit Mishra


Arijit Mishra is a graduate of the KIIT School of Law, Bhubaneswar and is enrolled with the Bar Council of Delhi. He primarily assists clients with intellectual property enforcement and protection of their brand reputation. Arijit regularly represents clients, including Fortune 500 companies, before Law Enforcement Agencies [including Central Agencies] as well as various courts and Trade Mark Registries all over the country for matters related to Intellectual Property and Information Technology Laws.

Shreya Chaturvedi


Shreya Chaturvedi was enrolled with the Bar Council of Delhi in 2020. She primarily assists clients with online brand protection and is adept in having infringing content taken-down in a very short span of time. She regularly advises clients, including Fortune 500 companies, on areas related to Trademark law and compliance under the Information Technology Act, 2000. Shreya also assists the trademark prosecution team of the firm and is experienced in managing trademark portfolios of several leading multinationals.

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Abhijai Singh Panwar


M Sushant Murthy


Rodney D. Ryder


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Practice Areas

Digital Brand Management

Metarion® [www.metarion.com] works as a strategic partner to Scriboard® – to help protect, prevent and eliminate instances of intellectual property infringement, deal with cyber risk and strengthen client portfolios.

As technologies continue to grow, the digital face of a brand is becoming more and more important and protecting a ‘brand’ across various digital platforms can be challenging.

To this effect, we offer our Digital Brand Management services to several clients including Fortune 500 companies by monitoring their brands across the Internet for reputational and cyber risk. Our offering can be broadly categorised into the following three service heads:

Monitoring & Screening

We monitor the internet for potential threats with the assistance of our state-of-the-art tools and deep web crawlers. Once this is accomplished, the results are then screened and prioritised – according to the potential impact and threat to the brand; along with an opinion advising further course of action.


This service is aimed at consolidating all online brand identifiers under a single portfolio. This encompasses registration, maintenance, management and renewal – if required, of brand identifiers such as domain names, trademarks, social media usernames and accounts.


Our seasoned team of professionals mitigates risks by working around the clock to remove infringing content, products or recover brand identifiers such as domain names or social media usernames from unauthorised third parties by serving legal notices, Cease or Desist Letters, Take-Down Notices or initiating legal proceedings at the appropriate forum or court of law.

Technology Law

Scriboard® delivers innovative legal solutions to organisations operating in India. Since 2010, we are India Counsel to several Global Fortune 100 companies. Scriboard® lays great emphasis on electronic communication; Internet, fintech and net-banking safety protocols among other IT related legal issues and now have a clear mail policy to provide full security to our clients.

With the enactment of the Information Technology Amendment Act, 2008 [which came into effect on February, 2009], organisations under various provisions have the responsibility to ensure that ‘…reasonable security measures’ are put in place. An organisation could be liable in the event that it ‘acquiesces’ or ‘allows’ its intellectual property or corporate identity to be misused.

Scriboard® assists clients in identifying, developing best practices and securing their technology networks. We help our clients build capacity in the area of information security by putting in place proactive security apparatus.

Information Technology Law – Regulatory Compliance

We assist companies with Information Technology Law compliance and advise them on how to handle / asses take down requests keeping in mind the present judicial and political environment.

Information Technology Risk Management and Compliance

We regularly conduct intellectual property and information technology risk assessment and audits as well as information technology compliance audits for our clients. This includes understanding and identifying IT risks from third parties and/or employees or business partners.

On-line advertising and ad serving

The firm specializes in advising and undertaking IT protocols for E-banking, payment systems for on-line transactions and compliance with financial services legislation [We are advising Punjab National Bank on Internet Banking and on-line transactions].

Data Privacy

Data Protection, Privacy and Corporate Compliance

Scriboard is one of the few firms in India, with an established Data Protection, Privacy and Corporate Compliance Practice. The firm is advising clients around the world on data privacy law in the context of the issues that arise in online business, data mining and data processing.

In addition to this, the firm also conducts training programmes on Data Privacy and Corporate Compliance.

The firm is legal counsel to several BigTech companies on data security issues and regulatory compliance in India and represents them in ongoing legal matters. We regularly advise several companies on matters of personal data security, identity theft, IT compliance, issues pertaining to encryption policies, telecom licenses, encryption approvals, etc. amongst other advisory services on Data Protection and IT Law compliance.

Organisational Data Protection and Privacy Policy

It is to be noted that an organisational data protection and privacy policy is a must for organisations that collect sensitive personal data or information. This Policy details the specific process to handle, store, transfer sensitive data, and measures to be taken in case of a data breach – in accordance with the prevailing laws.

Privacy Review and Audits

We conduct comprehensive privacy reviews and audits to help companies fully understand their collection, use and sharing of personal and other sensitive data.

Our custom reports offer specific and practical recommendations and checklists to help our clients quickly understand the data they handle and the laws and regulations that apply to their collection, use, storage and sharing of that data.

Post review, we work closely with clients to prioritize needed remedial efforts including putting in place data privacy guidelines and mechanism as required under the Indian Information Technology Act, 2000 and other applicable laws.


Enterprise Security | Risk Management | Cyber Incident Reporting

The firm assist clients in relation to:

[a] Enterprise Security [Security and privacy in policy implementation; security and privacy in the employment/HR function; security and privacy in compliance].

[b] Operational Security [Information Asset Management; Operations Management; Internal Security Planning and Documentation].

Data Breaches and Cyber Security

While not every data breach involves sensitive personal information that requires notification or disclosure, every breach requires attention and an individualized response tailored to the facts and nature of the breach, and an evaluation of how processes can be improved to minimize the risk of future breaches.

We can thus assist clients in mitigating such incidents by conducting privacy and information and cyber security audits and developing policies and mechanisms to demonstrate due compliance under the Indian law.

Scriboard® advises the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, Government of India and the National Internet Exchange of India [NIXI], which manages the .in [Indian Country Code Top Level Domain Extensions].

Risk Management

Risk Management and Compliance

Identifying and managing legal risks includes practical knowledge and a robust framework and operations procedure. Our firm regularly conducts intellectual property risk assessment and audits as well as regulatory compliance audits for its clients.

This includes securing intellectual property assets, identifying areas of potential value for protection, understanding and identifying IP risks from third parties and/or employees or business partners.

You will be pleased to know that our firm has developed a highly effective ‘Legal-risk framework review toolkit’ which contains sample documents and workbooks to help organisations carry-out their own legal-risk framework review.

With the help of this toolkit and training sessions, we assist in-house counsels in identifying and efficiently managing legal risks.

Intellectual Property Rights

Trademarks and Anti-Counterfeiting Strategy

In the area of trademarks, we focus on all aspects of domestic and international trademark work, including counselling, clearing trademarks for use, registration, licensing and enforcement. In addition, we have significant experience with domain name disputes and other Internet-related issues.

Our firm is totally responsible for handling the entire trademark portfolio of several leading companies from different parts of the world. These portfolios are personally monitored by a specialized IP senior attorney [partner] along with co-ordinating attorneys and paralegals and maintained on computerized databases with interactive follow up not only in prosecution at the Registry level but also in other issues such as general survey of the market to identify counterfeiting or infringing or similar products, trademark watch services, amongst others.

Domain Name Dispute / Abusive Registration of Domain Name[s]

Our firm has extensive experience in handling cases where unauthorised persons have ‘squatted’ on well-known brands by registering Top Level Domains. We frequently represent clients at the World Intellectual Property Organization, Geneva and National Internet Exchange of India, New Delhi under the Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy [eUDRP] and the .IN Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy [INDRP] respectively.

Copyright Protection

We have extensive experience in the area of copyright protection, enforcement and management. Our firm has structured and conducted enforcement campaigns on behalf of several clients in the publishing industry. The firm regularly advises clients under the Indian IP Law regarding legalities concerning publishing and copyright related issues. The firm also advises against infringement and commercial contract structuring.

Patent Prosecution and Portfolio Management

We provide a full range of patent services, including preparation, prosecution, portfolio management, monetization, litigation, licensing services and counselling, all undertaken with an understanding of the unique business, legal and technical issues facing our clients. The firm handles various client patent portfolios and is well equipped to handle a diverse range of patent applications in various fields including computer sciences and biotechnology. This includes a range of services from identifying key resources and creative aspects to the prosecution/protection of those key assets to examining and re-examining commercial models to leverage patents.

Trade Secrets

The firm provides trade secret counselling and litigation services to clients across diverse industries. The firm frequently assists clients with identifying and defining trade secrets in connection with business transactions, negotiating trade secret licenses and other transfers and establishing measures and programmes for protecting trade secrets and other confidential information. This also includes preparing, employment agreements involving trade secrets and other intellectual property, confidentiality agreements, non-compete agreements and internal trade secret protection procedures. Our firm also conducts workshops, if requested, on trade secrets which include discussions on best practices for protecting trade secrets and preventing claims of trade secret theft and other related topics.

Intellectual Property Audit

Our firm conducts comprehensive IP audits and assists the clients in strengthening their IP assets. An IP Audit is a systematic review of the IP assets owned, used or acquired by a business. Its purpose is to uncover under-utilized IP assets, to identify any threats to a company’s bottom line, and to enable business planners to devise informed strategies that will maintain and improve the company’s market position. A regular audit helps to keep a company’s IP portfolio strong and maximize the value of the IP. An IP Audit is thus a useful mechanism for not only inventorying the intellectual assets but also analyzing them for secure and useful application.

IP Dispute Resolution

We regularly assist and represent our clients at various dispute resolution forums, arbitration tribunals, and courts. Our firm has a dedicated team of lawyers for handling the most complex IP litigation and dispute resolution matters arising in India. This includes cases relating to IP licensing, infringement, counterfeiting, piracy, etc. Apart from this, we frequently represent clients at the World Intellectual Property Organization, Geneva and National Internet Exchange of India, New Delhi in relation to domain name disputes.

Transactional IP [Licensing, Assignments, Pooling]

Our firm frequently assist clients generate value through licensing, pooling, and other transactions related to intellectual property assets. Leveraging patents, trade secrets, or portions of an IP portfolio can often generate substantive revenue streams, open new markets, or at times shut down competitors. Our firm has advised and assisted several companies in IP related transactions such as licensing, patent pooling, strategic asset management, royalties, etc. We provide an end-to-end solution for IP transactions where we assist the client in relation to everything ranging from the initial confidential evaluation agreement through management of the portfolio of executed IP agreements as well as in enforcement or amendment of obligations in the agreements, if required.

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